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Do Your Fuses On Your Boat Light Up When Blown? These Do!

First my apologies for disappearing for the last two weeks. One of my excuses is that I attended the METS industry (Marine Equipment Trade Show) show in Amsterdam. I’m pretty sure this show is the largest of its kind in the world and representatives from just about every country you can think of are present. If you really want to see what’s new or soon to be new on new boats, this is the place to be.

Well I have a pretty long list of new items to talk about, both big and small. The fuses you see above will fall into the small, but super clever category. Sometimes its the little things that count. These new fuses, marketed by one of my sponsors here, Blue Sea Systems, are an exact replacement for the commonly used ATC fuses you see on all new cars and new boats as well.

What’s so great about them? How about an integrated LED that lights up when the fuse blows. Considering that fuse holders and fuse boxes that contain these little guys are not always in the most well lit locations on your boat, this feature is a real breakthrough in my view. No need to fetch a flashlight or pull out each fuse in a large fuse box to figure out which one has blown.The LED will let you home right in on the culprit. Simple and very cool in my view.

Look for me to follow-up with more new products over the next few weeks as I ran into a nice selection of items that are really worth a look this year.

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