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Most folks who know me also know that I like all boats, power and sail. Folks who really know me well also know that I prefer classic looking boats that seem, to my eye anyhow, to have timeless appeal. My own Flyzone is a good example of how my taste in boats runs. Check it out here:

Anyhow, this past weekend I had an opportunity to “modernize” a bit and get a feel for a boat with 900 Mercury 4-Stroke Verado horsepower. Here’s what that looked like:

So, you may be asking what did it feel like? Really good. I’m impressed. With these engines pushing us along at a cruise speed of 30 knots the boat was quiet and super smooth running. At low speed trolling or idle, no fumes and so quiet you could hardly tell the engines were running. The boat in question was a Boston Whaler Outrage 37, certainly the largest outboard powered boat I have everĀ been on. I’m told by the skipper that it has a top speed somewhere in the 50 knot area with this power package. I’m just glad somebody else was running the fuel tab on this adventure. Definately a deep pocket hobby with a rig like this. But, if you are lucky enough to be in that category, this whole set-up is one sweet rig!

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