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Volvo Penta, Yamaha sign control-systems deal

In a sign of the times and what I see as a very intelligent business approach for the marine industry, Volvo Penta and Yamaha are going to partner on the development of outboard engine control systems. Way to go for both companies in my view!


“We are proud to be working with Volvo Penta,” Yamaha Marine Group president Ben Speciale said in a statement. “As a leader in outboard innovation, we look forward to providing the market with advanced technologies that we know will emerge from the relationship.”

The engine control systems that will be developed include single remote control for outboard-powered boats. The new product will combine power and steering control in one easy-to-use electronic device. The intention is to greatly improve maneuverability and ease of docking for larger boats that use outboard power.

“We are excited about the opportunity to combine the talents of Yamaha and Volvo Penta engineers to achieve new levels in state-of-the-art marine control design. Our independent customers will be the direct beneficiaries of this strategic alliance,” said Clint Moore, Volvo Penta of the Americas president and CEO, in a statement.

More marine companies should look into sharing intellectual assets effectively in my humble opinion. Is see it as one way for the marine industry to begin climbing out of the hole it fell into as the US and global economy tanked.

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