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Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days but I’m at the Miami Boat Show this week and its been one press conference and meeting after another. One of the more intriguing little adventures this week was provided by our friends at Torqeedo. I got a chance to drive the boat shown below with my friend and colleague Ben Ellison from over at the Panbo website. (

So between Ben and myself we’re looking at almost 400 lbs. Guess what, we were able to get this boat up on a plane! Full on electric propulsion and we topped out at nearly 14 mph.
The only noise we heard was a faint wirring from the motors. If you check Ben’s latest post overr at you can see the photo I took of him while were up on plane. The grin on his face says it all.

The boat is equipped with four of Torqeedo’s new Lithium ION batteries that can provide power at full throttle for about two hours of run time. At slower speeds the actual run time goes up considerably.

Can you tow a water skier with this rig? No, but if you’re looking for a clean and green small boat for some lake fishing this might be a very cool choice. You can find out more about the boat by contacting Todd Sims, the owner of E Power Marine, or email to:

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