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Well I just got back into town from the IBEX show in Louisville and I have to say I had a great time and loved the city. It’s the first time I’ve spent more than a few hours there and in all it was a great venue for the boatbuilders’ group. As promised, the next few days I’m going to be sharing some of the things that impressed me the most during my visit and today I’ll begin with my #1 most impressive find, the new Torqueedo Travel 1003 outboard engine.

This new electric outboard is beyond cool! A photo of it is shown below:

The entire top section of theĀ motor is actually the case for the self-contained 13 Ah lithium-manganese battery so no extra wiring or onboard battery is needed to power the motor up. A remote control unit is available if you are going to be powering a larger boat. The maker claims that either their 503 or 1003 models can propel boats up to 3000 lbs. To put this in a more easily comparable perspective, the 503 model is equivalent to about a 1.5 hp engine and the 1003 is roughly equivalent to a 3 hp outboard engine. So, as a tender motor, or auxiliary on small sailing race boats this is a go as far as I’m concerned. Also, for the racing set, keep in mind that these units weigh in at a mere 28 lbs.

To add to the cool factor, the motor is equipped with an integrated GPS sensor that has a display screen mounted on the motor’s tiller handle. The display provides vital info to the operator such as battery state of charge, speed over ground, power consumption and remaining range based on current speed. Torqueedo claims that the motor will provide a range of up to 10 nautical miles at slow speed on one battery charge, and 2 nautical miles at full speed. Since the battery technology is lithium based the recharge acceptance rate is pretty high, so it really won’t take much time to get it back up to full charge.

these motors are available in either a long or short shaft version and the prices range from $1600- $1900.

Finally, to answer a question from a readerĀ from several weeks back, these motors are completely water-proof to an IP-67 standard, which translated into plain English means you can submerge the entire system up to 1 meter below the surface for up to 1 hour without any damage to the motor or the battery pack. This bodes well for my questioner who wanted to install one of these units on a day sailor, but wondered what would happen to the motor if they flipped the boat and it got wet… Well if you can right the boat in an hour or less, the answer is no harm!

I’m loving this motor package and can hardly wait to try one out myself.

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