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A week or so ago I posted some mid-season tips you should consider, like touching up any brightwork on your boat and getting the bottom cleaned to improve both speed and fuel economy. Well, there’s another thing you need to get a look at and deal with, especially if you’re running an outboard engine or IO drive on your boat. The drive anodes. If they are more than 50% consumed, get some new ones installed right away. Remember, once they’re gone the next piece of metal in the corrosion food chain is your engine…………Do I need to say more?

Just in case you don’t know an anode from a fish hook, the diagram above illustrates where you might find them on your engine. Get a look at yours and replace as needed. Just a reminder, many folks call these “zincs”. The best anodes today are actually made of an aluminum alloy. Much better performance and easy to find these days.

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