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The similarities & Differences Between Recreational Vehicle System Components & Marine System components.

The photo above does a pretty good job of illustrating a point I want to make regarding the similarities between recreational vehicle products and marine products as they regard systems components and equipment.

Every now and then I get people suggesting to me that all of this gear and the way it’s installed is pretty much the same in all cases. The truth is there are areas where many similarities do exist between RV installs and marine. The problem is, you really need someone that’s been trained, and I mean with more advanced marine systems training, to know what the differences are. As regards the equipment, material selection is certainly one of the big differences.

The photo here is showing a small junction block that is all rusted out due to the fact that it was installed on a boat, one that was actually in military service, and clearly is an automotive grade product. It might work fine on the inside of an over the road RV, not so much on a boat that is in service daily in salt water.

Folks, as we enter into the off-season for most of us that are into boating, it’s the time where we start thinking about all the maintenance and upgrades we’d like to get done before next season.

Some of you are contemplating calling in your buddy who’s a truck mechanic, or even better your cousin Vinny who’s a house electrician, licensed and everything, so he must know what’s going on.

Before you do let me remind everyone reading this that if the truck guy or Vinny haven’t been to an ABYC class, they probably don’t know enough to do quality, safe and reliable work on your boat. Beware!

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