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Nows the time of year when you should be inspecting your engine’s water pump impeller and ordering up a new one if necessary for next year’s boating season. This report came in over the wires today and it makes a compelling case for the JMP brand of impellars. It seems the US Navy has seen really good service from the JMP brand.



        When the US Navy needed durable, long-lasting impellers, it decided to test a few different manufacturers’ products.  JMP’s impellers far outlasted the competition and helped reduce downtime for corrective maintenance of the Navy’s vessels.

In a written assessment, the Navy noted how pleased it was with the impeller’s performance.  At the time of the report, JMP’s impeller was still going strong at 541 hours with no visible wear.  The other impellers lasted no longer than 300 hours.

Through visual inspection, the report noted, the impeller appeared almost new.  Its color was not faded and the rubber was soft and flexible with no visible damage.  Little to no corrosion was present on the metal sleeve.

JMP’s impellers feature a special surface-coating, which decreases wear and tear for longer use.  Its mixture of rubbers takes its flexible impellers to an even greater height of quality. Need more info?

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