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Last week I was able to share with you a little insight on how a basic lightning protection system might be set-up. The post was based on a question from one of our readers, Joe Langham. I also mentioned that Joe was also working on an electric propulsion conversion for his boat. Well, I’ve been in contact with Joe, and it turns out he is the creative type, a writer, actor, and musician, and of course a boater! It turns out that he and his partner Mo have begun a series of videos that are going to document their conversion from diesel to electric propulsion. You have got to see this! These folks know how to make a really tough, dirty job fun!

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, I first wrote about Electric Yacht about a year ago and I promised that a friend of mine in Halifax would have pictures of his install to share. Well, he got really busy and his project got side-tracked so not much progress has been made on that front. Electric Yacht has what I think is one of the sweetest, simple electric drive conversion kits available. The basic kit is shown here:


 Joe and Mo’s conversion video is linked here, you have got to see this:

Now, hopefully Joe and MO will get this finished. Joe tells me he’s not going to be able to get back on the project until July, like most of us he has that nasty necessity called work in the way of his projects, but we’re going to follow him on this one. This team is off to a great start. I want to hear more about their battery choice too, I’m not sure its the right choice.

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