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The question of the week has to do with what I consider to be an emerging problem as the convergence of traditional marine electrics and sophisticated electronic equipment continues. So, the questions is: “Hey Ed, do you know of a way I can protect my electronics equipment from conducted noise and voltage spikes in my boat’s DC electrical system? I’ve always used a surge protector in the power supply to my computers and such, but what about my marine electronics?”

Good question, easy answer. For years I’ve been recommending and installing a product that seems to do the job quite well. I even talk about it in my book Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting, available via the link in the left column of the home page at Eds Boat .

The Newmar NavPac is shown here:
newmar navpac
Don’t worry, its also available in a 12 volt version. It’ll do all the things the label says and keep all those mysterious electrical gremlins from messing with your electronics. I highly recommend this product.

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