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Well its winter and not much boating going on in my neck of the woods. In fact, as I look out my window all I can see is grey and white. That means ice and snow, lots of it! So, that means its time to offer up a little education for our readers, and offer up a shameless plug for one of my books, Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting. You can get your own copy by following the link on this page to

I’ve been trying to narrow things down a little when it comes to on board electronics, and the things that can or typically do cause havoc with this equipment. I think I’ve been able to narrow it down to a top four. I’ll share this presentation in several parts and I look forward to your comments or real world experiences with this topic. Its good for all of us to share these experiences. This was actually a Power Point presentation I prepared late last year but didn’t get an opportunity to present. So here goes:

electronics 1
electronics 2
electronics 3

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