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In this final installment we are going to look at electronic noise and electromagnetic interference. These are invisible culprits that can send some of the equipment we use today into a real frenzy. In the case of electromagnetic interference, it basicall y will affect any device that is magnetically sensitive. Examples are electronic compasses and autopilot direction sensors. We need to remember that devices we use on board like inverters and battery chargers can be emitters of EMI and any wire or cable with electricity running through it can be an emitter.

As for radio frequency interference, it is a matter of frequency, specifically, what frequency things are operating at. One device operating within a given frequency range can interfere with another device operating within the same frequency. So, on board I will use a collectin of three radios, a multi-band short wave receiver, AM-FM and VHY handheld to listen for radio frequency interference over a broad spectrum of frequencies. Then I have to consider seperating devices and their antennas to eliminate the interference. The slides from the presentation follow:

electronics 7
electronics 8
electronics 9
electronics 10

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