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Seems like people seem to forget that 120 volts can be lethal. The photo above was sent in by one of my surveyor friends, Dexter Holiday. The photo was taken aboard one of the boats he surveyed recently.  There are several glaring errors with the boat owner installed AC receptacle shown. First, the green screw you can clearly see is there the safety grounding wire should be connected. This is the connection that can help provide electrical shock hazard protection in the event of a fault within the plugged in appliance. Not going to happen with this install…….Additionally, the receptacle must be inside an approved, UL rated box to comply with ABYC standards. Don’t think that just because the backside of an AC switch or receptacle is facing into a space where it appears no one will be likely to come in contact with the live terminals on the device. For the price of a $2 UL approved plastic box a patently unsafe installation has been created here. Can’t remember for sure either but I think I recall Dexter telling me the cable used is ROMEX single strand household rated wire. Again, NOT compliant with MARINE standards. Another shot for my shop of horrors collection of photos! Thanks Dexter.

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