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Cobra Marine announced an interesting new product today that seems like a good solution for those boaters that have an older land-line phone on board. Let’s face it most folks today, especially on boats, are using their cell phones for communications. But, many prefer the size and relative comfort of using a traditionally sized telephone receiver. The Cobra PhoneLynx looks like aninexpensive solution to me. Worth checking out further……

While many larger and older boats have an onboard telephone system, most owners prefer to use their cell phones to communicate when on the water or at a marina.  Now, the Cobra PhoneLynx™ system lets users make and receive phone calls on their onboard telephone using their cell phone signal and service.

Utilizing Bluetooth® wireless technology to link the owner’s cell phone with onboard phones, installation is easy and similar to pairing a cell phone with a wireless headset.  When the cell phone rings, the onboard phone will ring.  When placing an outgoing call through the onboard phone, the call goes through using the cell phone number.

Once aboard, the Cobra PhoneLynx system wirelessly connects an owner’s cell phone with the phones that previously were used with the landline.  They can then use the onboard phone with their cell phone number while keeping their cell phone charging in a safe and dry location.  If boaters leave their cell phone in a location that gets strong cell phone reception, they’ll find that their vessel phones perform better down below and in other poor cell signal locations.The Cobra PhoneLynx delivers exceptional call clarity with its ClearCall™ noise-canceling technology.  Many consumers notice how their cell phone connection sounds better than ever before.  The Cobra PhoneLynx system is easy to install and pair to almost any cell phone.

The Cobra PhoneLynx system has a suggested retail price of $59.95 and was selected as a 2011 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovation Honoree.

Contact Cobra Electronics Corporation, 6500 West Cortland Street, Chicago, IL 60707.  773-889-8870.;

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