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RayMarine 300 GPS

Just back from the METS in Amsterdam and while there I saw some really cool new things that I will share with everyone over the next several weeks. But, first things first. I received a query from a reader several days ago and I need to get the question answered as best I can. So, here’s the question:

Peter writes in:

Raymarine no longer services the Raynav 300. Do you know of a source for repair manuals. I would like to attempt to repair the unit that I have.

My response to Peter is that I think he might have a problem finding any parts for his unit, but one possible source for detailed manuals is shown in the link to found here:

One of the big problems we all face today with any consumer electronic equipment is the fact that much of the gear is really not intended to be repaired. Once the factory stops support for a product, you are generally totally out in the cold. That said, if any of our other readers can help Peter out, shoot me a line and we can try to connect you.

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