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Hubble Y

What boater hasn’t faced the problem of pulling into a new marina for the night, to find it only offers 30A power when the boat runs on 50A? The YQ230 Intelligent Y-Adapter from Hubbell Marine gives owners the freedom to travel without concern. It allows them to safely connect any 50A, 125/250V AC marine cord set to two 30A, 125V AC dockside receptacles.

The YQ230’s intelligent onboard circuitry automatically checks polarity of the dockside receptacles, and that both 30A plugs are fully engaged and opposite-phased. Its integrated power indicator light confirms safe operation.

Built-in safety features automatically shut power transmission off if an improper wiring condition is detected. Further, should one plug not be fully engaged, or come loose while the other is connected, the unit cuts off power. This prevents the disengaged plug from becoming live.

Fully sealed against humidity, fog and rain, the YQ230 is housed in a tough, UV-resistant, high impact casing. Sealing grommets keep moisture out, while integral cord clamps protect all cables from strain.

The suggested retail price for the Hubbell Marine YQ230 is $399.99. Hubbell offers a wide variety of adapters to suit marine shore power needs.

Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr. Shelton, CT 06484. 475-882-4838.

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