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I’m always excited to see a new company enter the US market. Competition is good. In this case its really not a new company, the UK based Sterling Power has been in business for nearly 20 years, its just that they have confined their market to Europe during that time period. Well anyhow, welcome to the US Sterling Power!

Readers here that are into things electrical will be excited¬†about some of the innovative products this company has to offer. For example, how about the ability to properly recharge batteries of varying technologies with your engine’s alternator? The Sterling-Power Alternator-to-Battery Chargers can do just that. These units can provide 4-Stage battery charging and can be calibrated to deal with just about any battery technology or chemistry you throw at them. The unit is shown here:
sterling power

With the above unit for example, you would simply install it in place of a battery isolator, used on most all boats with more that one battery.

The company’s product line is certainly not limited to the unit above, they have multiple battery chargers, no¬†voltage loss battery isolators, inverters and a variety of power management devices available. So again, welcome to Sterling!

To check the company out further go to their web site at: or give them a call at: 207-226-3500. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more about these folks in the upcoming years.

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