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Wires in Bilge

In A Boat’s Bilge Water & Electricty Do Not Mix!

Last evening I gave a presentation to my friends at the Wickford RI Yacht Club, explaining what we actually do as we judge for the Cruising World Boat of the Year competition.

I used the photo here in the presentation. The photo is one of thousands I have taken over the years as a judge in this contest. I forget most of them, but seeing this one again last night reminded me of a fundamental that all installers or boat builders must get across to their workers.

DON’T CREATE ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE THE PHOTO ABOVE. What you see are several keel bolts and some dark grey residue left behind by some accumulated bilge water.

As a reminder to whoever the genius who actually did this installation, electricity and water do not mix. This one falls under an old theory that I sometimes foolishly forget, common sense is not that common.

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