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Electronic Panelboard

A question from a reader came in earlier this week regarding the electrical panel on their new sailboat. Basically the question had to do with concerns over the PC (printed circuit) board that is essentially the main electrical panel board for their boat. The concern is over the possibility of the fine bits of electronic components on the back of the board becoming corroded over time in the salt water environment. The photo above is a good example of this type of panel.

Well, I can’t say its categorical, but I’ve asked the same question as I looked at these new-age switch panels myself. My concern was whether or not the boards were seal or clear coated as part of the manufacturing process. The answer I got was yes. This in effect makes these components water sealed and quite moisture resistant. Not submersible, but certainly resistant to never ending exposure to salt air and humidity. So, time will be the true test, but seems like a no worry situation for now. I know I certainly haven’t heard of this being a real problem as yet.

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