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xantrex-home-basesnapshotOne of the areas we get a lot of questions about is inverter chargers. In my experience it is definitely an area where many mistakes get made. Some of the mistakes can create on board safety issues and others will ensure that the user (you) won’t get the most out of your system, which of course includes what is often an expensive set of batteries. The newest series of inverter chargers available from our friends at Xantrex offer features that simply weren’t available ten years ago in some cases.

One of the things that Xantrex did a few years back was to bring one of their engineering team members to the forefront and create a broad series of videos explaining not only the features of the Xantrex product line but inverter chargers in general. The engineer, Don Wilson does a great job of explaining all of the nuances of these types of products, and all of the do’s and don’ts associated with them. Click on the link here: to get a taste of what Don offers. The video shown will discuss the importance of sizing the DC feeds from the battery bank to the inverter/charger. Understand this is one of many videos available at their site. I encourage you to dial right in to their YouTube channel. Subscribe! You can learn everything you need to know and then some by reviewing their entire series.

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