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This Iphone App Will Make Installing Marine Electronics Easier

Installing marine electronic just got a whole lot easier! The screen shot above is from my iPad where I just installed Gemeco’s new iNstall App. At this point the app is only iOS compatible. For those installing marine depth and fish-finders this is a really cool tool. It comes with a tool that turns your iPad into a tilt measuring device to assist installers in squaring up transducers on a deep v boat hull.

Another tool will measure magnetic field strength so that a proper zone of separation can be established with other sensitive equipment. The app also has a database of wiring diagrams and transducer choices for popular brands in the marine marketplace. It also has installation guides, wiring diagrams and a wire sizing tool to ensure full power gets to the installed equipment.

The app is free and can be downloaded at the Apple app store or just do a search for Gemeco and it will pop right up. In all a very well thought out and feature rich application. Gemeco is a wholesale distributor to electronic equipment dealers, so you may not be able to buy gear direct from them, but at least you can get some super good info if you are going to attempt a DIY installation. Check it out.

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