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Well I’m just back from the annual IBEX show in Tampa Florida and have some good news for those installers and boat builders that use shore power isolation transformers. Last January our industry was a bit stunned when the long time supplier, Charles Industries dropped its marine products line, all rather suddenly and without much notice to its customers by all accounts. Anyhow, our friends at Hubbell introduced a new line of transformers at IBEX. The press release follows:

dockside power can be dangerous in ways many boat owners don’t realize. Stray current from poor or improper wiring conditions can cause galvanic corrosion and can be deadly to people in the water, while surges and reverse polarity may damage delicate electronics on board. To help protect life and property, Hubbell Marine introduces its UL-listed Isolation transformers. These units have been developed specifically for marine applications and are suitable for 50 and 100-amp systems. The 15 k VA and 25k VA devices ensure on board power is safe and optimally conditioned. Operating at 60Hz Hubbell Isolation Transformers feature 12.5% aps o correct both high and low voltage fluctuations found on the dock and exceed ABYC’s 4000V hipot test requirements. They feature two full current-carrying shields per UL standards. 50/60 Hz internationally rated models are also available. To find out more about these new offerings check them out at

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