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Hubble USB_001


Connecticut Company Hubbell Marine just announced the addition of several new USB outlet receptacles to their line up.

Let’s face it, in today’s world it just seems you can’t have enough of these receptacles at your disposal. As shown above the two new devices offer either a two USB or four USB cord configuration. The units offer some enhanced efficiency over other systems that may be available. When not in use, the duplex model enters into a sleep mode,  consuming minimal power.

The four port unit when not in use features a USB door, which when closed eliminates all current flow, drawing zero amps. The units convert AC power in to stable DC out  with the individual ports providing power via each port based on load demand from the plugged in device. The duplex unit offers up to 3 amps at 5 VDC and the four port unit has up to 5 amps available for keeping all the toys charged up.

Pricing starts at $49.99, with a place on just about any boat with shore power available today.

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