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Electromagnetic Interference (a.k.a Crosstalk )

As mentioned earlier this month I’m sharing some of the points brought out when I attended the new ABYC/NMEA joint training program offered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.¬†One of the topics that came up during the NMEA portion of the program discussed electromagnetic interference.

This is a topic that I know I’ve discussed here before. But, one of the things that the NMEA instructor pointed out that I may not have discussed in my earlier conversations here was two of the most common sources of what they describe as “crosstalk”.

In my book Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting I devote chapter 9 to this very topic. But what I really wasn’t as aware of as I am now after sitting through the NMEA instructor’s discussion on the topic was that depth sounder cabling can be a major source of this crosstalk phenomena.

Basically I’m talking about signals transferring over to other wires and cables that run in parallel to the sounder transducer cable. The longer these wires are held in close proximity to one another in distance, the more likely this. The other top three source, which is actually both a potential source as well as a victim, are SSB cabling.

So, what’s the simple lesson here? Isolate these cable runs away from other bundles of conductors and coaxial cable runs to mitigate the potential problem.

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