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Magnum Energy has just announced what I consider to be a major step forward for small boat electrical systems. The MagnaSine hybrid inverter/charger is a pure sine wave inverter that also integrates the ability to provide supplemental AC power when needed on board. I see this as particularly useful feature on boats using smaller AC gensets either due to weight or space limitations. On today’s boat we often see the shore power system’s max’ed out in terms of AC loads. With this unit’s hybrid capability, boat owner’s will now have the ability to combine shorepower, generator and inverter power to create a total available power to AC loads that is greater than any of these individual sources can generate on their own. This unit can also be combined with a generator autostart system and power control module that can automatically shed AC loads when things get near their peak.

The unit also incorporates a sophisticated battery charger that is compatible with today’s high end batteries. Finally, a true power management system that is automated and maximizes the potential of today’s AC electrical systems on board! This solves what has been an emerging problem on new boats as today’s buyers really do want all the powered luxury of home on board. A good case in point was a boat I boarded several years ago in the 45 ft. size range. The boat had a master stateroom forward and two aft cabins, one for each of the children in the family. This particular boat was equipped with four flat screen televisions, a fully equipped galley with refrigeration, microwave oven. Of course the boat was air conditioned. This sort of equi e is becoming the new normal and I think illustrates clearly the why and how behind products like the MagnaSine Hybrid inverter. All a far cry from my days cruising when we didn’t even have shore power on board and read by oil lamps lights at night. Seems pretty quaint today.

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